Why you should buy yourself Halloween candy if you’re trying to lose weight

eat halloween candy

Did you read that title right?  Am I really recommending you walk your happy self down the over stuffed candy aisle at Target?  Yup!

You’re probably thinking I’ve lost my mind!  The other day I’m recommending you eat dessert everyday, and now I’m telling you to buy yourself Halloween candy?

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone crazy, well not totally anyways.

So why am I recommending Halloween candy?

Portion control!!

I love Halloween candy for portion control, one of my favorites are Peanut M&M’s and the fun size bag of m&m’s have only 90 calories.  I know if I were to have a regular size bag of M&M’s or God forbid the large size bag, it is SO hard, if not impossible to control your portion.  But, once a year, there is a whole wealth of perfectly portioned treats in every flavor combination imaginable on the market, and I think you should buy yourself some.  On one condition, you can control yourself and only have ONE portion.
Here’s some tips to do that,

– Use the age old strategy of out of sight, out of mind.  It really is powerful.

– If you pack yourself a lunch, throw one treat in.  Do not bring the whole bag to work and put it in a highly visible place like the top drawer of your desk.

– Place the bag in a closed, non see through container on a top shelf of your pantry, not on the middle shelf in the front, right at eye level.

– When you make yourself dinner, include one treat on your dinner plate as well.  Eat your dinner, then enjoy your treat, as a mental close to your meal.

– Throw the bag in the freezer and defrost one when you start cooking dinner, it’ll be defrosted by the time you finish dinner, and you wont be able to just go grab another one anytime you feel like it.

Here are some nutrition facts on some of your favorite candies.  If you’re reading the Foodie’s Diet ebook, you know I recommend a daily treat budget of 125 calories or so, each of these treats perfectly fit into that amount.  So go ahead, buy yourself some candy!  Or even better, pick through your kids, just don’t tell them I said that :)

halloween candy nutrition facts

Just a final note, obviously I’m not saying that Halloween candy is healthy.  But I do believe everything in moderation, and I do think that if you want to celebrate the time of year with a piece of Halloween candy, then no harm done.  I’ve mentioned before that I eat pretty clean, and I think under no circumstances could Halloween candy be considered “clean” but I also live in real life, so I follow an approximate 80/20 rule, and that works for me.  You should find what works for you!



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2 Responses to Why you should buy yourself Halloween candy if you’re trying to lose weight

  1. Tianna says:

    love Halloween candy, but can never portion control so if I do buy it, I keep it in the cupboard where it’s out of sight out of mind lol then my bf can have it and I can skip it!

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