What the heck just happened?!

Well hello Summer!!

Is it officially summer yet?  Honestly, I have no idea.  But I do know, Memorial Day has happened, so in the Amy book of life, it’s summer.

Spring you guys, spring was crazy!  Let me update you.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed, the hubs and I have moved to Denver.  HUGE change.  HUGE.  How did this happen you ask?  Well, it’s quite the tale.  Get excited.  So I was traveling quite a bit for work in March, and things were suppppper busy.  So my sister and I decided to take a little girls long weekend trip to Denver.  My husband’s and my 5 year plan has always been move to Denver.  So my sister and I planned a little exploring trip, to get to know the city, for you know, later in life.  Right.  Well, on a whim, she lined up a job interview.  Sure enough, she gets offered the job, the next day we find her an apartment, and we return home to California so she can pack her bags, because in 2 weeks, she’s a moving!  Holy fast!

So, I also get home and my husband is all like, hey, maybe I should look for a job too.  And I’m all like, ok, casually look, and if you get offered something great, awesome.  5 days go by, and he has been offered something not just great, but holy hell fantastic.  And guess who’s moving?!  Whirlwind much?  So about 4 weeks after returning from our cute little girls weekend, no big deal.  Hubs and I are packing the house, loading the dogs and trekking across a few states for our new life here in Denver.  We have been here just over 2 weeks, and so far, it’s pretty awesome!  Minus the whole leaving a job I loved and all my friends.  P.S. anyone know how to make friends in a new city without being a crazy stalker lady in the line at the grocery store?  Oh hey, you got some apples? Me too!  Want to be my friend?  So, yeah.  Suggestions would be great.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few pics from our little road trip/completely life changing move!  Enjoy!  I’ll be back soon to update you on life in Denver, oh and hey, maybe a recipe or two 😉

And we’re off!

Dad built the girls a little fort in the back seat for their relaxing pleasure.  I think they were a bit suspicious at this point!


Never in my life have a driven THROUGH Vegas.  It was weird.   But considering Eric and I had been there literally 5 weeks before we didn’t feel the need to stop.


This one is always happy as a clam in daddy’s arms

Ok ok as much as I whined about the trip being long and boring, Utah was kinda cool.

But seriously, it was long and boring.

OMG the ends in near-ish.  Umm, wait, is that snow?  But it’s May!  I would later learn HA HA HA very cute thoughts you Southern California girl you!

Not gonna lie, panic started setting in, there’s snow, and like a lot of it.  But it’s May.  Oh the naivety.

Then. We drove INTO SNOW.  Like it was SNOWING.  Like actively.  See the cute guy sitting next to me?  His Pennsylvania born heart was as happy as can be!


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