Weekend at the Lake

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. ~Loren Eiseley


Well hello there, my fellow Friday loving friends!  This week at work has been cra-zy!  Since I work at a University, school starts Monday, so the week before is, well busy.  Last weekend however was soooo not busy.  My family and I rented a cabin in Lake Arrowhead for my dad’s birthday, and we spent 2.5 glorious days at the lake!


You guys, we did all the things you’re supposed to.  When we first arrived we made lunch and a big pitcher of rum punch.  We walked around, we fished, we swam, we grilled, we played card games, I read a really good book, the kind that makes you NOT-WANT-TO-LEAVE-THE-DECK-LIKE-EVER.  We stumbled upon a chili cook off and a concert in the park.  These are the type of weekends that make it all worth it, the work stress, and commute frustrations and dirty dish piles.  These are the weekends that just wash those life stresses away.


I truly hope as you guys soak up the last few weekends of summer, how can it be almost Labor Day?!?!  You find some time to get away with those you love!  And if you can’t manage to get a way completely, at least plan a good dinner with your family, preferably cooking and eating outside!

Happy Weekend everyone!!

IMG_1529Apple Picking with Dad means…


Fresh cobbler!!

20140815_180722Watch for critters!

20140815_183901 20140815_183924 20140815_194207

My sous chef sis stirring up the crumb topping!  We weren’t plannign n making cobbler this weekend, so we had to improvise!!  Turns out pancake mix and graham crackers (for s’mores! obvs!) Makes a great crumb topping mix!

20140815_174103My playground for the weekend!  Not too shabby for “roughing it!”

20140816_132000_resized 20140816_132024_resizedMy husband is in the raft on the far right. Fishing. Off a raft.  Because he’s awesome like that!

20140815_174140  20140816_175728_resized I don’t think my mom left the deck!

   20140815_174201  20140815_174227

but why would you with this view?!




Some very serious domino action happening here!!  They eventually gave up an made a domino waterfall!  Because obviously!

20140815_174303   How cute is the sis!?

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