Water is awesome!  Am I right?

I mean we hear it all. the. time.  Drink more water, drink at least xx amount of water.

Do I really need to drink a lot of water?  Should I drink more water?  Will it help me?
Yes, Yes and even Yesser!

Upping my water intake has helped me tremendously!

Before you roll your eyes at me, understand, I get it!  I used to read all these articles, that were like, if you’re hungry, first drink a glass of water and then you wont be hungry any more.  Ummm.  Pssst.  NOT!  Have you guys done that?  I call bullsh*t!  No wonder people gave up on drinking water for dieting!  I’m sorry, but if you are hungry and at the point of truly being hungry, a glass of water ain’t stopping it!  If you are at the point of hungry, you need to eat.  BUT, but you do need to drink a lot of water all. day. long!  And when you do, it makes you less hungry overall throughout the day.  So when you are in fact hungry, which I promise you, will still happen, it just takes you a lot less food to fill you up.  You won’t be the ravenous beast at 11am that you used to be.  Was that only me?  When I’m drinking a lot of water, one small sandwich or a salad will fill me up, you know, instead of 4.  Just Kidding.  I never ate four sandwiches, that would be ridiculous….  Moving on!

So how much water should you drink?  A gallon a day.  That’s double the recommended 8, 8 ounce glasses.  Before you panic, it’s really not difficult at all, it just takes some planning.  I have two methods to help me reach
this goal.

If I’m at work, I have a 22oz reusable water bottle I keep with me at all times, and I just know in my head, I need to fill it up 6 times.blue water bottle poured into a clear glassI try to keep an eye on the clock, I know in my head, if it’s two o’clock and I haven’t had at least 3 bottles, I am not half way done, I need to get movin!  Because you really want to be done drinking by about 2 hours before bedtime, which for me is about 10pm, so I need to be done drinking by 8pm.  Otherwise, you know, you’ll be up alllll night looonnngg! No fun!

If I’m at home, say on a Saturday, I have a gallon size pitcher that I keep in the fridge and I know I just need to finish up the pitcher.  Easy Peeasy!Filing glass pitcher with water

What if I don’t like water?

So I’ve always been a water drinker.  With dinner, I always drink water.  Or wine, but that’s another story.  In fact, I’ve even figured out a way to add water to my wine, so that makes it double healthy right?  Right.  But I am fully aware some people do not like water, the taste, they call it boring, whatever the case may be, so they drink GAHH hopefully not, the dreaded soda!  Stop drinking sodas people!  So so bad for you, just give it a google!  And there is a solution if you don’t love water, flavored waters.  Or infused waters.  Whichever name you enjoy more.

You don’t really need a recipe for Flavored Waters, they’re sort of a no brainer, but here are the basics. 

  • Take a pitcher/glass/water bottle (re-useable is best)
  • Add some herbs or fruit, fresh or frozen. The options are endless
  • Fill the rest of the way with water.
  • Top with Ice.  I’ve heard from 5,743,908 places that drinking COLD water boosts your metabolism.  Who knows really. But I figure it’s worth a shot!  Also room temperature water and fruit that’s been sitting in it, never sounds all that appealing to me.
  • You can start drinking right away, but the flavor will enhance the longer it sits.  A lot of times, I’ll make a gallon size pitcher at night, put it in the fridge for the next day, and by morning it’s ready to go!


Now, if you will, please click here, for a list of flavored water ideas!


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