The right way to splurge on a diet

splurging on your diet

Hey there!  Happy November 17th!  November 17th has always been one of my favorite days, because it’s a week from Thanksgiving, oh and my birthday!  Is it just me, or do you wake up on your birthday and think, I need to eat all the things?  Donuts for breakfast, special lunch out with coworkers, cupcakes in the afternoon, romantic dinner with someone special, wine, cocktails, cake, and well, more cake.  A birthday is a great reason to celebrate, treat yourself and let loose on your diet a little.  But, there is a right way, and a wrong way to do it.

I believe a well enjoyed splurge, especially on a happy occasion like a birthday, anniversary or holiday, is not only good for the soul, recharges your efforts and makes you not feel like everyday you have to be strict and only eat grilled chicken (I never said that anyways!).  But there is some evidence that a high calorie day every once in a while can actually kick start a weight loss plateau.  There is evidence that our bodies get into a rhythm, and get so used to eating low calories, that it learns to function on the lower calorie diet, therefore slowing or stalling weight loss.  Here are 5 principals for splurging or cheating on your diet the right way!

5 principals for cheating on your diet

  1. Don’t splurge on things that don’t matter to you.  I treated myself to Starbucks this morning.  I love LOVE donuts, maple glazed are my favorite!  So I also treated myself to a maple glazed donut.  But you know what, I still ordered my skinny vanilla latte.  Mostly because the non-fat milk and sugar free vanilla is perfectly tasty to me, so the extra calories of whole milk and sugar vanilla syrup are just not worth it.  Total savings of 140 care not calories.
  2. Buy individuals.  You know what I love?  Birthday cake!  Something about a true, vanilla with buttercream frosting and sprinkles birthday cake.  One year, my husband bought me one, and I ate the whole thing!  Over the course of about a week, but STILL.  A whole cake!  Now, I ask him to buy me a cupcake.  A single serving, enjoy today, gone tomorrow, cupcake.
  3. If you’re going to eat something not so healthy, eat the BEST not so healthy thing there is.  If you’re going to treat yourself to a dinner of Mac and Cheese, go to your favorite restaurant that serves it, don’t settle for the blue box.  Unless you’re my sister, and in that case, that’s your favorite, and go right ahead!
  4. Do only things you love to do, but maybe walk to them.  Ok I am not saying go to the gym on your birthday.  It’s your day and that’s optional.  Buttt, maybe take a stroll after dinner.  Walk with your coworkers to get coffee.  Squeezing in a little activity will offset the increased calorie consumption and reduce tomorrow’s guilt and sugar hang over.
  5. Above anything, enjoy it!  Toss guilt out the window, after all, one day is not going to do any damage to any sort of long term success!  So close your eyes, blow out those candles, and enjoy your day!

One last thing?  How does Google know?!

google Capture

They know EVERYTHING!  Scary huh?  Have a great day!

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