Thanksgiving Recap

Hi there!  So I’m finally waking up from my food coma and I thought I’d check in to see how everyone’s Thanksgiving went.  Ours went great!  I had 1 person no show, so that’s always a little frustrating, especially since I was super prepared with a set table 4 days ahead of time!

20141127_11452620141127_114542So how did everyone make out with the 1800 calorie plan?  Honestly, while I know I had more than the 3 drinks all day, I made large containers and kept refilling as I sipped, so didn’t really keep track.

thanksgiving drinksI was so full after appetizers and drinks (I also drank a ton of water, it was 85 here and with the oven on, the turkey wasn’t the only thing roasting!) I hardly ate dinner and I had no dessert!  So in total I probably had about 1600-1800 calories.  How did you guys do?  I’d love to hear!  Was it manageable?

And just for some more fun, here are some pics.  I made everything according to plan, except at the last minute I added an additional appetizer.  I was so obsessed with the cranberry relish that I filled a few of the pastry cups I made for the buffalo chicken appetizer with cream cheese and cranberry relish and topped with a dash of cayenne for some spice.  ummm… YUM!!  It was so good, I’m writing out a post for the recipe, so stay tuned!  It would make a great holiday appetizer for Christmas parties.

cranberry bitescranberry relish bites20141127_124009buffalo chicken cups20141127_130402appetizer table20141127_151013Speaking of which, since the holiday season is upon us, I plan to do a few more posts related to throwing parties and strategies for attending parties and not gaining all the holiday weight!  So stay tuned for that as well!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Talk to you soon!

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