Thanksgiving Day- your 1800 Calorie plan!

Thanksgiving day plan

I’m a little nervous about this post, not sure how you guys are going to feel about it.

On one hand, I know around the holidays most people are all like, screw the diet, it’s Thanksgiving.  But then on the other hand, you’re on Foodies’ DIET blog, so I feel the need to give you an alternative to the calorie-laden, guilt-inducing fare that accompanies the holidays.

Did you know, the average American consumes 4500 calories on Thanksgiving day?  3000 calories on dinner alone, not including other meals (breakfast) appetizers and cocktails!  Phew!  You guys, that is CRA-ZY!  So I’ve come up with a plan for you.  An 1800 calorie plan.  For the whole day.  And I’m telling you, you won’t feel the least bit deprived!  Because I’m even including the yummy dips, appetizers and cocktails!  Oh yeah!

Timeline for the Day

Up at 7am- breakfast.  Like anything else, you need to start your day with a good foundation.  A really healthy, filling breakfast.  Eggs are the perfect choice!  They’re high in protein and really filling.  Another great option is a smoothie like this one.  Or this one.

Appetizers 1pm-4pm.  So I don’t plan a lunch, this allows room in my “calorie budget” to guiltlessly enjoy all the yummy snacks

Dinner at 5pm (I know, we don’t really do the whole eat dinner at 2 or 3 thing)

Food “budget” for the day-

I can’t figure out a better way to describe it?  Ideas?

Breakfast- 250 calories

Appetizers- 350 calories

Drinks- 350 calories

Dinner- 600 calories

Dessert- 250 calories

Grand Total- 1800

We’ll discuss in coming posts how exactly these breakdown

So this is how I’m mapping out my day, you can tweak the numbers to adjust for what you like better.  Don’t drink?  Great, more for dessert then.  Don’t really have a sweet tooth?  More snacks for you!  You see what I mean.

Other strategies

– Drink Water!  I know I talk about this, like a lot.  But really it helps, you just naturally wont eat as much.  And you wont even feel deprived doing it, you’ll just naturally feel a bit more full.

– Don’t go in starving, eat breakfast.  I know it may be tempting to skip all together so you have more calories, for I don’t know, cocktails!  But don’t do it.  You’ll be famished and the cheesy, mayo-y crab dip and bread will call your name.

– Put together your plate and be done with it.  No seconds or grazing.  Put together a nice appetizer plate and graze off that.  Fill your dinner plate, but know you’re not going in for a second helping.

Ok guys, see you tomorrow with the first installment of our menu plan!  If you want these emails delivered directly to your inbox, please fill out the form in the teal bar at the top of your screen!  Happy Friday!

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