Thanksgiving Day Plan

thanksgiving plan

What’s your favorite holiday?

A common question right?  Most people probably say Christmas?

My answer takes no time.  It takes no thought, or pondering on my part.

Thanksgiving.  All the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I pretty much love all holidays.  I think because I didn’t grow up in a place with your standard change of seasons, holidays are our only benchmarks through the year.  Frankly, I also love any reason to celebrate, well, anything!

Thanksgiving though is something special.  As of late Christmas has become more and more frustrating for me.  I know we haven’t lost the joy for it in our hearts, but the noise surrounding the holiday by retailers has become increasingly disappointing every year.  I don’t want to dwell, but I feel the fight to keep thanksgiving alive, perhaps brings me closer to the holiday.  Even before Halloween, everything becomes consumed by all things Christmas.  Thanksgiving is the underdog of holidays.  It also happens to be largely centered around food, which hello, have we met?

If you were to knock knock on my front door and take a peek inside, this is what you would see.  The day before I take off work and spend the whole day cooking.  Wait wait wait don’t run away, the plan I’m going to give you, this isn’t necessary, it’s just what I like to do!  Ok, so I spend the whole day in yoga pants and cozy socks, listening to music and sipping coffee or cider and pretty much loving all things life.  Oh and cooking and prepping, lots of cooking.

Then the day of Thanksgiving, I spend maybe 2 hours in the morning cooking.  I put out a bunch of appetizers, make a huge batch of some yummy cocktail and turn on the football game.  Seriously.  I really don’t spend the whole day cooking, I eat and relax and watch football with my family.  I do so much prep ahead of time, I have to do almost none day of.  It makes for such a stress free holiday and in the coming weeks I will map out for you exactly how I do this!  And you guys, believe me, it’s easier than you think!

Ok, so we have 2 weeks until the big day. Here’s what we’ll cover… (oh and in case I didn’t mention, this plan is if you’re cooking)

  • Menu– I have created a plan for you to keep your whole day under 1800 calories. I realize at first, you may be thinking, ummm, ok?  But let me tell you how amazing that is!  Did you know the average American consumes 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day?  3000 of those calories on DINNER ALONE!  Ummm… what?!  Are you freaking out?!  I know I did when I heard this!  But oh no, don’t you worry, we’re going to do this better.  We’re going to enjoy all the delicious food (and cocktails) but we’re keeping it under 1800 calories!  And that’s your WHOLE day, breakfast, snacks and all!  So no next day regret or, ahem, tighter pants.

Your menu will include





You guys, I’m so excited for Thanksgiving this year!  Probably more excited to share it with you guys!  Check back every day for all the things you’ll need to put your plan in place!  Or heck, make your life really easy and subscribe to get the plan delivered directly to your inbox! (see that pretty teal bar across the top of your screen?  You can subscribe there!)

Was that too many exclamation points in one paragraph?

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