Thanksgiving Day Menu- Drinks and Appetizers

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Hi-yaa!  How you doin?  I’m here with another installment of our Thanksgiving Day plan.

Recap: Did you know the average American eats over 4500 calories on Thanksgiving day?  phew!  Too much!  So with that crazy news, I set out on a mission to come up with a plan to thoroughly enjoy the day, without throwing our healthy goals to the wind!  If you haven’t seen already, make sure you check out these previous posts; Thanksgiving Day Plan, 1800 Calorie Thanksgiving Day Menu Plan, and finally your 600 calorie Thanksgiving Dinner menu.

Soooo what are we chatting about today?  Probably my favorite subject of all!  Snack and drinks! mmm hmmm  You guys I could live my whole life off snacks, like a collection of mini foods instead of one actual meal.  Actually I was seriously contemplating doing an appetizers only grazing menu.  I saw this app on Pinterest that was bacon wrapped stuffing bites, and my fate was almost sunk.  Almost.  I do so love a traditional thanksgiving as well, but check back next year, I have a feeling that Thanksgiving Tapas menu is in my future!  (See, I even have a catchy name already, this thing is totally in the works.)


Ok, 1st, let’s discuss drinks!  In the plan I laid out for you, there’s an allotment of 350 calories for drinks.  I have for you guys a FANtastic apple cider champagne sangria!  Yuu-um!  The good news, the sangria only has 110 calories, so you can have 3 throughout the day!  Here are some other ideas for your drinks…

  • Apple Cider Champagne Sangria– 110 calories
  • Glass of wine or champagne- 100-120 calories
  • Light beer- 100 calories
  • For a nice liquor based drink – in a glass full of ice pour a shot of vodka, 8 oz of soda water or diet sprite and a crystal light (packet) over ice- 100 calories

Just a reminder with the calorie counts of each of these, you can have right around 3 drinks throughout the day.

apple cider champagen sangria


Alright, now, it’s snack time!  Same as drinks, you have an allotment of 350 calories.

First, when planning your appetizer menu, usually you want to have 3-5 options and 2-3 of each per person.  If something is especially labor intensive or larger in size, you can get away with 1.5 per person.

Here’s the menu- Recipes to follow

If you were to eat 1 bread bowl, 3 buffalo chicken puffs, 3 puff pastries and 2 Tbls of ranch with veggies, you’re at 355 calories.  So snack up!

feta artichoke dipFresh diet food Thanks for hanging out with me today guys!  Stay tuned tomorrow for the sweetest part of your menu plan!  Dessert!

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