Thanksgiving Day Menu- Desserts

Thanksgiving DessertOk, real talk time.  I feel like we have become friends, so I can be honest with you.  Dessert is not my favorite part of the Thanksgiving Day meal.  Frankly, I do not like pumpkin.  Everyone is all pumpkin spice, well, everything.  And I’m like, bleh.  Also, usually by the end of the day, I am fulllll.  So dessert also never seems overly appealing.  But at the same time, I do love something sweet to cap off the meal.  You know, it’s something with your taste buds I think, when you eat something salty or savory, you need to follow it with a little something sweet?  Right?

So for thanksgiving dessert, I like to keep it fairly light, but like everything else, I like to have some options for more of a grazing style.  After dinner, we all usually wind up back on the couch, chatting and watching more football.  So having mini desserts out and scattered keep it fun and also takes the pressure off me to serve pie!  So this year, I’m going with parfaits.  These cute little parfaits are served in shot glasses, so they’re perfectly petite, giving you the option to have one or, well 3!  A great tip, head to a party store and get plastic shot glasses, even less dishes!!  Winning!

Recipes for each of these coming soon!  But up next, shopping list!  Talk to you guys soon!

Update: Recipes

Pumpkin Cranberry Parfait

Apple Caramel Parfait

Strawberry Brownie Parfait

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