Summery Wine Spritzer


Sun.  Long nights.  Warm.  Tank tops.  Flip flops.  Vacation? Summa summma summmaaaahhhh!!!!  Wooooo I’ll stop singing now, my husband gives me dirty looks when I sing, especially to a computer screen.  Or in the car.  Or the shower.  Yeah, he doesn’t like my singing so much.  Moving on. When I … Continue reading

White Wine Sangria

assorted slice fruits in a glass

Is it summer yet?  Ugh! From Hubs and my trip to Jamaica in January.  Not technically summer, but whatever! Ok I shouldn’t wine ha ha oops, I mean whine!  I live in the notoriously sunny southern California, and it was approximately 70 degrees today.  But, I long for the long days of summer, … Continue reading