Sugar Dipped Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

sugar chocolate chip cupcake

Yup, you read that title correctly.  The timing for this recipe is probably awful, because according to Instagram, everyone and their dog/mother/neighbor/life partner is doing the Whole30 right now.  And I’m all over here making sugar dipped cupcakes.  Ummm, appropriate?  Probably not.  Should I being doing the Whole30?  Probably.  But … Continue reading

Buffalo chicken cups with ranch crumble

buffalo chicken cups

This recipe is part of the Foodie’s Diet 1800 calorie whole day Thanksgiving plan!  You can find the menus for the appetizer and drinks, dinner and desserts menu!  And more about the 1800 calories plan here and here. Ok, this recipe may be the easiest recipe ever.  And it seems … Continue reading