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There is something about reading a “how I lost the weight story” that I just sort of love.  In fact, I just love reading about people’s real lives in general.  Maybe this is why I’m so drawn to blogging?  But when I read a good weight loss story, I just want to be the person’s friend.  I want to curl up at their feet, and say tell me how you did it?!  Because, you know, it’s so hard!  And these people who have achieved what so many people struggle to do, are just so cool.

So today, I was wandering around the internet and I came across this article

6 people who lost over 100 pounds

And yet again, I just loved it!  You should head over and read the whole thing really, because the folks this article talks about are just super inspiring, but if you don’t have the time, I found two little nuggets of great advice on how they did it!!

  1. Set non-weight goals- as Briana describedI write Briana, like we’re friends, “oh you know my friend Briana mentioned…” anyways  One of my favorite shows is Extreme Weight Loss (Dear Chris and Heidi, if you’re reading this, I heart you!)  One thing I’ve noticed this season especially, is in addition to the standard weight goals, they’re also setting non-weight loss goals.  This seems to take the drudgery out of weight loss, and focus it on something fun!  All the while the weight comes off almost as a side effect.  In the article, Ryan also brings up this topic, he says “Focus on health” Say you decide to take up running, think of all the other benefits of running, besides weight loss.  More energy, mental clarity, some “me”time to zone out and listen to music.  If you run just for the sake of weight loss, it becomes a chore, another thing on your to do list, and no one enjoys that!  Also, if you decide to have a salad instead of french fries, think how much better you feel after eating the salad, less bloated, etc.  I know for me, when I eat anything fried, I get almost an instant stomach ache.  There’s more to the salad swap than it being lower in calories!
  2. Start Small- as Lee described.  Sometimes, and I know I do, people get overwhelmed with how much weight they have to lose, or how far they have to go.  Instead of thinking, Oh-my-God-I-have-100-pounds-to-lose, break it down, I really want to lose 10 pounds by labor day.  When you get to labor day, reevaluate.  Did you make the goal?  If so, great!  But was it to easy?  Or if you didn’t make the goal, was it too difficult, unrealistic, or be honest with yourself, did you not put the effort in?  Small, obtainable goals, helps you keep your eye on the prize, or so to speak.  I find when I have a closer end date, it easier to stay motivated!  Amy, it’s just a month, keep at it!  Gosh!

So take a few minutes, check out the article and get some good inspiration for the rest of your week!  If they can do it, we all can!

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