Cooking For One

My husband is a really picky eater.  Because of this I find myself preparing a lot of food for just me, especially recipes for this blog, where I want to give you a variety of foods, and he wants to eat chicken, with a side of chicken.  And potatoes.


On this page, you’ll find all the recipes from this blog that are great for one person, or a recipe that is so easy to reduce to only prepare one portion.  Because I’ll let you in on a secret, quite often when I’m making a recipe for this blog, I prepare one portion, then when I write the recipe, I do the math to multiply it for a group of 4-8.  So I can safely say, for one person, the recipe works great!

If you are single, or just looking for recipes for one, for whatever reason, you my dear, have come to the right place.

Questions?  As always don’t hesitate!!

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