Phew!  Oh-ma-gosh guys, where have you been?!?!

Oh wait.

It’s me that has been gone.

You guys, September was cray.  Borderline overwhelming.  But sooo fun.  You know how that works right?  Life is moving at 6.2 miles per second, you feel like you haven’t had a moment to exhale, yet, you’re laughing every moment?!  It’s like crazy awesomeness!

Let’s chat.  Every weekend of September, I was out of town.  Like living out of a suitcase, driving all over the place, out of town.

The first weekend, my mom, Sis and I went to Temecula.  Which is one of my favorite places in the world to visit.  It also happens to be where this

259973_825742064238_7429543_n  270123_825742188988_1563488_n

took place just over 3 years ago.

But this time?  This happened


I was reunited with the other love of my life and BFF Leigh!  Oh man, it’s amazing what being able to see one of your favorite people on the planet does for you!  It also doesn’t hurt that Temecula looks like this



Anyways, then it was onto my friend Michelle’s wedding.

Then, the weekend after that?  Denver!  What a fun city!  Eric and I are thinking of relocating there, so we did a little scoping out trip with my parents.  And oh my are we in love!  We literally spent 4 days wandering around, checking out the local scene (read:breweries!) and scoping out model homes in various surrounding cities.  Have you guys ever looked at model homes?  It is a serious favorite past time of mine, checking out all the houses I can’t afford, and the decor that would never occur to me.  It’s like a self-destructive addiction, afterwards, I am both happy, and yet at the same time, a little depressed!

So now, after all that, we are back home.  For a week.  Then we are spending all next week in San Francisco.  My old stomping grounds.  And the location of conference my husband is attending.  I’m both super excited, yet, so over living out of a suit case!

With all that being said, I wanted to stop by and say hi.  I miss you guys!  I’m working on a whole mess of blog posts, including finishing up the last few recipes I promised you guys from the Bruschetta Bar.  Talk to you soon!

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