Sponsers, Ads and Income

hello!  I want to talk about a taboo subject.  Money.  And for the sake of this post, income.  I believe in being VERY transparent and open with my readers.  I have told you embarrassing stories.  I have told you about difficult decisions, bad days and happy occasions.  I believe, and this is why I love the world of blogging so much, a blog is where you get to know someone.  You can find a recipe in a cook book.  You go to a blog for yes, a recipe, but also a story.  To relate to a person.  To build connections and a community.

This blog does make an income.  As of right now, I believe the exact amount of income is personal.  Just like I don’t post how much my husband makes at his job, I don’t currently feel the need to share my blog’s income.  I have talked before how you can make an income through a blog of your own.

I have found that people get weird about the fact that I make an income from my blog.  First of all, blogging is not cheap!  I pay for a domain, hosting and plugins.  I have paid for equipment, food, supplies and lessons.  So I am very comfortable with the fact that in return I make a little money from this blog.

Sponsored Content

I currently have NO sponsored content on this blog.  If one day I decide to do a sponsored post, I will be very upfront with it, so you will know the product I’m recommending, I was paid to recommend.  I have mentioned before, but hear me, I will NEVER recommend a product I do not believe in and use.  This is a diet blog, so you will never see me recommend a product that does not go along with the subject at hand.


Yes, there are ads on this site, these do provide me an income.  But please do not try and be helpful by clicking on a bunch, it would get me removed from the network.  If an ad looks interesting, click it.  If it does not.  Don’t.  Thanks!

Product Sales

Periodically you’ll see me recommend a product, usually through an amazon link.  This is a product I have used and personally recommend.  And yes, I do receive a commission if and when you decide to purchase!  Obviously I very much appreciate if you were to purchase one of the products I recommend.  Not only for the commission, but it let’s me know that you trust my opinion and that trust means more to me than any commission ever would!

I hope this post gives you not only some insight, but puts your mind at ease on how things work around here!! As always, thanks for hanging out!


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