Pink Shandy

A refreshing 50 calorie treat.  Done.  End of post.


Ok, just kidding.  But I’ll keep it short so you can hurry up and go make this!  Last week’s Thirsty Thursday post was laaaame.  I mean obviously a smoothie is delicious!  And a chocolate covered strawberry smoothie, all the better.  Butttt, let’s be seriously, thirsty Thursday is meant for cocktails.  So ladies and gentlemen, it’s cocktail time!  Beer cocktail that is.

Have you tried a beer cocktail?  Even if you don’t normally like beer, stick with me! The first time I tried a beer cocktail I was in Newport Beach at this fabulous hotel drinking a mango strawberry margarita!  It was really good, but it was sooo sweeet.  Like too sweet, even for me!  So while my husband was in the pool, I took a bit of his Shock Top and topped my drink off with it.  (If you see him, don’t. tell. him.  Eric doesn’t share beers!!)  You know what a dash of beer did?  Made the drink AH-mazing, thats what!  It mellowed some of the sweetness and left it sooo refreshing!

You guys!  You need to try a beer cocktail STAT.  This recipe is a shandy, which is basically beer mixed with lemonade.  This is the perfect pool sipping drink, when you want to lay by the pool, or on the beach, all day, have something to sip, but not get drunk.  The great thing too, since you’re cutting the amount of beer you drink per cocktail, you also cut the calories in half!  So if you think about it, you could sip 4 of these for only, ready?  200 calories!!  How awesome is that?!

This recipe is for 2, so you should share with a friend.  Or not.

You need, 1 can of light beer, 1 packet of pink lemonade crystal light (or regular lemonade) and one cans worth of water.  Divide all ingredients into 2 glasses, add ice and stir.  Then proceed to drink 1 or 4.  Who am I to judge?  See you by the pool!

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