On being enough

phew.  This is going to be a different post than the norm.  If you are just here for recipes, that’s ok!  I love giving you recipes and here are some great ones!

Chicken Sausage and Sweet Potato Chili | Tamale Pie | Chocolate Fudge Swirled Mousse Pie

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with insecurity.  Actually that’s a lie.  I do know about you.  Because we all do, right?  But you, probably like me, are trying to show everyone that everything is perfect, like you’re doing everything right, like you have and are the best.  There is something I’ve struggled with for a long time, that I’ve never mentioned.  Never talked about here.  Am I skinny enough to write a diet blog?  No.  Am I a good enough cook to write a food blog?  Also, probably, nope.  Am I the best party/event/wedding planner to give you advice on that subject when I do?  Again with the nope.  Am I a good enough writer?  Photographer?  Social media-er.  Nope, nope and definitely not!  Some of my photos have bad lighting, many articles have typos, and I’m sure are grammatically incorrect.  And I’m definitely terrible at the social media thing.

Yet, everyday I come here and I share recipes, photos, advice and stories with the world.  Some days I feel like a hypocrite for not being a size 4.  Or even an 8 actually.  Or that for dinner I had a frozen lean cuisine, not a homemade dinner.

But I hope, when you come here, and you read my stories and read my recipes, you know you have come to a real place.  In the real world.  Where you can be very un-perfect as well.  Where you don’t need to be a size whatever.  And you don’t need to eat perfectly everyday.  And you can be a bit jealous that your friends house is SO much cleaner than yours (check her coat closet, everything is probably shoved in it)  Or that your husband didn’t bring flowers like that girl on Facebook posted about.  Or didn’t even send you a text message longer than a single world.  not more than a single dang world.  “Love”  ya, back at ya babe.  My husband has never had a way with the words thing.

I don’t know what compelled me to write this post.  Actually I do, and in the spirit of this article, I’ll tell you.  My blog has been growing.  slowly.  but growing nonetheless.  And that THRILLS me.  You have no idea.  I don’t know how many times a days I refresh the page to see how many views I have and think, who on earth is sitting there right now reading about food I made, when they could be reading a cookbook from Bobby Flay or somebody else way better than me.  But then sometimes I look at someone else’s blog, and they have 200 comments, and 3,000 Facebook shares, and 50, 000 Pinterest followers.  And I think what am I doing that is not enough?

So today, and maybe only today, I’m going to try and remind myself that I am enough.  And for the 300 or so people that read this blog everyday, hopefully I am enough for you too.  Comparatively, there’s not a lot of you, but I love each and every one of you!



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