Labor Day Recap

Hi Guys!!  How was your weekend?  Mine was just so good!  I snuck in an extra day off.  Shhh.  And enjoyed a full FOUR days off.  Four.  Like not 1 or 2, but four!  This like never happens, and it was AMAZING!

Story time, my parents have owned the house my sister and I grew up in since I was 2.  We have a very close knit group of friends and neighbors.  So here’s the deal.  Every house gets a holiday.  And they throw a block party.  The year starts off with Superbowl down at the Robinson’s.  Three doors down, Kentucky Derby party, with fancy hats and all!  Then across from my parents house is the Memorial day party.  Two doors down, 4th of July, complete with my husband trying to blow his face off with fireworks.  This is my least favorite holiday as I spend much of the night comprehending what life will be like without his dumb self.  To cap off the summer is one of my favorite parties, Labor Day.  Also known as the Pool Party at my parents house!  Woo hoo!  And you guys, this labor day, this was my view

10599309_10202950109856104_2187972435054087270_nfrom behind this


Bruschetta Bar

This pretty much sums up my day, party, food, repeat.

10629623_10202950108896080_6072216041185608847_nMy sis teaching Amelia how to properly relax and lounge in a pool.  Which lasted about 4.3 seconds before another game-must-be-played-right-now!  Because 4 year olds don’t give 2 figs about relaxing and lounging!


10645097_10202950111176137_3185302922741554771_nIf you look real close you can see my husband photo-bombing in the background!editedHey bartender, pour me another!


10356686_10202950112216163_3941787297718234286_nThis one knows what a summer day is all about!


10406837_10202950112336166_3140579443876978607_n  10616201_10202950667630048_3773880017103961554_n

I realize this one is a bit hard to see, but this is what you do when the pool is 86*, you stay in ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT!  If you’re my husband, you have Amelia attached to you, because she loooooves him so!

Alright guys, I realize this post was a bit quick and picture overloaded.  But I should probably get some actual work done!  After you know, four WHOLE days off and all!  Check back tomorrow, I’ll go over all the goodies the made up the bruschetta bar shown in these pictures, plus a few party menu planning tips!  Stay tuned and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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