How to start a blog for profit

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First you should examine why you want to start your blog?  Blogging can be very profitable, but it definitely does take some time and dedication.  It’s not a quick overnight fix, but if you put the effort in, you can easily make money at it!  Honestly, when I started my blog, I started it because people kept asking for my recipes, I throw a lot of parties at home and people were always asking for the recipe, then when they heard it was actually healthy, I found myself writing out a lot of note cards!  I was blogging for probably about a year before I decided to add some ads and see if I could make any money.  Well, apparently, yes, you really can make money from this whole blogging thing!  Who knew?!

Starting a blog is actually pretty simple, and can be done in 4 really easy steps!  Here we go


In real language


You need a Domain and a Host

A domain is your website’s name and address.  Mine is  Other popular domains are,,  You get the idea.

A host is like the parking spot for your domain.  It’s where your website will live and where people will come to visit it.  These 2 things are necessary for a blog.

A word about hosting, first, I recommend Bluehost.  For one, it’s actually pretty cheap!  Which is always good.  Two, it really is the best.  Who you choose to host with is really important.  Just like anything, you get what you pay for.  When I first started blogging, I tried the cheapest service I could find, it was something like a $1.99 a month.  Well it made my blog so slow, my readership was also low.  My husband took interest in my blog and switched my service, at first I was like what the heck, it costs more for the same thing.  It’s not the same thing though, it really does make a difference.  As soon as I switched, my readership skyrocketed along with my income.  So listen, the $2 extra a month, really really is worth it.  Promise!

1st go here! To get your domain and hosting

  1. Click the main Sign Up Now box.Signup: Domain Name
  2. Enter the domain you’re thinking about
  3. If available it will give you options for .com, .net, .biz, etc
  4. If NOT available, it will give you some other options, you can either choose one of those, or try a different domain name.  I recommend brainstorming a few ideas before heading to the site.
  5. Follow the steps through sign up, honestly one of the great things about bluehost is they make it INCREDIBLY easy!



Install wordpress, so the great thing about bluehost, is you can install wordpress right there!

MOJO Marketplace

Question:  Can I use something besides wordpress?

Answer: Well, sure, but not sure why you would!  Wordpress is the gold standard, it has the most plug-ins, and probably because everyone uses it, the most support!  You have no idea how many Youtube videos I watched when I was getting started!



Time to actually make your blog.  I would recommend starting with a pre-made theme.  I love the ones from Elegant Themes.  They’re really low in cost and super pretty.  They’re also really flexible so you can customize as much or as little as you want!  But start slow, and remember, less is more.  I needed to be reminded of this often myself!

Congratulations, you now have a blog!  Woo hoo!



Now the profit part.  Go here and sign yourself up for adsense.  Adsense is an ad company by google.  They will place ads on your site and pay you for it!  Super easy!

Now to become profitable, you need traffic.  The trickiest part unfortunately, but here’s some tips.

  1. Great and unique content.  Been on pinterest lately?  I know, silly question, but ok, there’s a lot of repetitive recipes.  Unless your content is unique, it will be hard for your to stand out.  So try and create new recipes like this one or this one.
  2. But don’t be too unique.  If you can be on trend, that helps with traffic as well. How popular is greek yogurt, quinoa and sweet potatoes right now? VERY!  Those posts get a ton of traffic.  Also, seasonal posts like this Thanksgiving post are really really popular for a period of time.
  3. Take great photos!  This ebook changed everything for me. I will admit, my photos in the beginning were well, bad.2013-04-12 10.03.5420130318_172631Yikes!  To be honest, I just didn’t think photos were a big deal, I just thought, hey, I have great recipes, they’ll speak for themselves.  Denial much?  In this world of instagram and pinterest, photos are probably the most essential part.  By reading this ebook, I learned so much about composition, lighting and styling.


Aaah, much better!  Thanks Lindsay!

4.   Post often, it keeps people coming back for more!  And

5.  Social media.  Enough said!

I really hope this info helped you guys!!  Once you start your blog, I’d love if you’d comment below with your site name so I can check it out!!
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