Greek Yogurt Cheese


Should you make Greek Yogurt Cheese?

ummm, Yes?!


Cuz it’s, umm GOOD!


Did I mention it’s also insanely easy?  And healthy? And DELISH!?  Well, it is.

So I did this dumb detox/diet thing that I saw on Dr Oz recently.  Why do I watch that show?!  Every episode is a different diet that is OMG-gonna-change-your-life-for-realz.  Ok so diet du jour was this high protein, only vegetable, no dairy, lame sauce.  What was i thinking?!  I mean obviously I would not last longer than well 18 minutes on no dairy.  But there I was, on the Dr-Oz-lovin, no-dairy-diet train.  Well, that’s not completely true, Greek Yogurt was allowed.  So again, obviously I was IMMEDIATELY on google trying to figure out how to make greek yogurt into well, all things I love.  Wine?  Chocolate cake?  huh, not so much.  But I hit on one thing, cheese!  woo!  Happy day!  Well, happy for being on a diet… but you know.

Ok, so one good thing did come from this diet.  Greek Yogurt Cheese.  But will somebody PLEASE come up with an app that will immediately smack. me. in. the. face. next time I turn on Dr Oz and start googling his diet/pill/serum.  Please and thank you.  Yeesh! I have problems.

Ok, so back to the Greek yogurt cheese, it’s sorta the consistency of cream cheese.  Just a bit lower in calories, higher in protein and all things good for you Greek yogurt.  This recipe also happens to be INSANELY easy.  Like so easy, I’m not even going to write a recipe, just show you all of 3 photos that explain how to accomplish this fabulousness.  Is that a word?

1st, remember this recipe?

60d74677c8d293504bed8ed44c873200Awesome.  Now you need one of these

wpid-20130428_204003.jpg A sieve, strainer, colander or something similar, lined with cheesecloth, a tea towel, or a paper towel.  Place the Greek Yogurt mixture into lined sieve.  Place over a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and put in fridge over night.

The next day, stir in fresh or dried herbs.  My favorite is dill and chives.  Fresh cilantro and lime zest is great, as well as basil, oregano and thyme.

Spread on a cracker, use a carrot to dip, or grab a spoon and eat ‘er up!


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