Five Great Finds- Vodka Edition

Five Great Finds- Vodka Edition

Well hello there!  Can you BELIEVE summer is almost over?  This weekend is Labor Day and honestly, I’m feeling a little homesick.  The street I grew up on throws block parties for every major holiday, and my family always hosts a Labor Day pool party, you can read about last year’s here.  And while so far I’m really enjoying Denver life, we haven’t established our community yet.  We don’t have our people, if you know what I mean?  Holidays have always been my favorite thing, all of them, just a reason to celebrate, but I honestly don’t find myself looking forward to them as much.  And while I do know this will change, and we will find our people, we just haven’t yet.

This year we are planning a little pool party by our apartment pool with some friends we’ve made in the building, but it’s just not quite the same, you know?  While new friends are always great, the comfort of great friends, neighbors and family just can’t be beat.  Am I a Debbie Downer?  eeek! I don’t mean to be!

So what does this have to do with vodka?  Umm, well nothing actually.  So I was hanging out on my blog the other day, as I tend to do, and I noticed something.  The two most popular search terms for how people end up on Foodie’s Diet Blog is

“healthy recipes for foodies”

and, can I get a drum roll?






So in honor of labor day, and to help me get excited for this holiday, which can admittedly be a drinking holiday, I decided, let’s give the people what they want!  I am to please people.  So over the labor day weekend I’m going to be presenting you some awesome vodka cocktail recipes!  Starting today, on thirsty Thursday with a round up of some of my favorite vodka recipes from blog land.

All of these recipes are vodka based, skinny and super fresh, perfect for a summer day!

Five Great Finds- Vodka Edition Five Great Finds- Vodka Edition Five Great Finds- Vodka Edition Five Great Finds- Vodka Edition Five Great Finds- Vodka Edition

As always, you can also find these recipes pinned to my Five Great Finds Pinterest board

In case you need MORE vodka in your life, here’s a few reminder of a recipe appeared here on Foodie’s Diet Blog!

strawberry cocktail 1

And finally, here’s a preview of what’s to come

Friday- Skinny Sparkling Honey Bee

Saturday- Pool Party Punch and making drinks for a crowd

Sunday- Tropical Lemonade

Monday- We’ll kick off fall with a Pear Cocktail

Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!!



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