Day 8- Flavored Sugars and Homemade Sprinkles

This post for Flavored Sugars and Homemade Sprinkles is Day 8 of the 12 days of a Foodie’s Christmas series!  For 12 days I’ll be presenting you with recipes for easy gifts for everyone on your list!  For the overview and the rest of the recipes you can visit here.

flavored sugars


Today is about all things sugar and spice!  Everything nice?  I think so!  Speaking of everything nice, can you BELIEVE Christmas is just 10 days away!?  How did this happen 2015?  I will admit, I am SUPER excited for 2016 because the hubs and I have some very exciting things on the horizon, like this pretty little thing15217915-151123

Yep, we are building a brand new house!  A new house, all new and all ours.  The house we just sold in California was built in the 70’s, which means we inherited 4 decades of someone else’s problems, neglect and abuse.  Mostly taken out in lopsided counter tops and chewed up baseboards.  I can not tell you how excited I am to have a house that we are the only ones to have lived in!  Plus, the decorating!  You guys, Pinterest has never been more my best friend, and we have had a long standing love affair, so that’s saying something!

We also have a big trip (the same month we are supposed to close.  Stress!) to Italy!  I have traveled to the Caribbean and Mexico many times, but never Europe, and the excitement is real people!  Prepare yourself for lots of Foodie pictures on Instagram.  Plus we’re going with some great friends, so life is looking pretty sweet these days.  Should you need just a touch more sweetness, let’s talk flavored sugar shall we?

cinnamon vanilla sugar

For these recipes I like using course turbinado sugar, because I think it looks the best.  But you can use regular sugar if you have it on hand as well.

Sugar In The Raw/Unrefined, 32 Ounce BoxSo what do I mean when I talk flavored sugars?  Well my 2 favorites are lavender sugar, which I sprinkle on cupcakes, stir into tea or bake into shortbread cookies.  And cinnamon vanilla sugar, which I, well use on everything else!

lavender sugar

For the lavender sugar, mix together 1 tablespoon lavender seeds with 1/4 cup sugar.  You can use right away, but the flavor gets better over time.

cinnamon vanilla sugar 2

For the cinnamon vanilla sugar, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, 1 vanilla pod, split and seeds scraped and 1/4 cup sugar.

Finally, I also mentioned homemade sprinkles.  These are simply sugar mixed with ( I use a zip top bag to do this) a few drops of food coloring.

homemade sprinkles

Makes a great gift when packaged in individual tins or as part of a cookie bar (recipe coming soon).

How adorable are these?!

8oz Glass Jar with Spoon

I’m off to purchase a few dozen!  See you tomorrow!

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