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My head hurts.  Like a lot.  For 2 days now.  Unfortunately for me, this is fairly common.  I get a lot of headaches, definitely more than the average person.  But from time to time I get these headaches that last for 3 days.  Always 3 days, without fail.  I can set a watch to them.  Today is day two.

Thepurpose of this post is not to whine.  waaaahhhhh!  I swear!  So the other day, I had dinner with the hubs, and with dinner I made myself a cocktail.  I made a tequila/crystal light/diet lemon-lime soda concoction.  We were having cheese enchiladas and I was craving a strawberry margarita!  Crystal light to the rescue!

A few hours later I laid down to watch some TV in bed and cuddle with the pups.  20121130_203511Hard to resist!

So as I’m laying there, pretty quickly a headache comes on.  ugghhhh.  I lay there for another hour or so hoping it’ll fade, nope, getting worse.  Right over my right eye.  So finally I get up for some ibuprofen.  I lay back down, and you know that moment something hits you?  Oprah calls it the “ah-ha” moment?  But it’s like WAM!  My WAM moment was artificial sweeteners may be causing my headaches!

I’ve noticed recently that when I have a diet lemon-lime soda (vons brand of sprite or 7up), the only soda I drink and very infrequently, I’ve gotten a headache.  But it’s like one of those things you sorta notice, but for some reason don’t quite put together.  Do you know what I mean?  Once the WAM of knowledge hit me, I immediately got up and went on a hunt.  I try to avoid artificial products and sweeteners all together, but I do admit that sometime the low calorie-ness of the product is more alluring.  Like my Torani syrups I always talk about.  I try to eat clean, but sometimes the trade off of calorie-free is worth it to me.  Anyways, I can get into that subject forever!

So I went on a hunt.  1st thing, found the can of diet lemon-lime soda.  Aspartame.

Crystal light strawberry lemonade drops.  Sucralose (the ingredient Splenda)

hmmmm, then I went looking for things I consume regularly, which I know I eat/drink enough that I don’t get a headache.

Coffee-mate Sugar Free Vanilla Coffee Creamer.  again, Sucralose.

Torani Syrups.  Sucralose.

Protein powder.  Stevia!

Any sugar free items I make at home are also all made with Stevia.

I googled- Sweet n Low, which I’ll put in Iced Tea if I’m out at a restaurant.  Saccharin.

Ok well I know this list is not very long, like I said, I do try to avoid the artificial sugars.  But one thing that definitely popped out at me.  ASPARTAME!  The only thing I drink very infrequently, and I know for sure I have gotten a headache after drinking the lemon-lime soda at least 3 occasions that I can specifically recall.  WAM!

I went back to bed, this time with my tablet, and did some research.   WOW!!  Folks, google aspartame!  You guys, it is soo soooo bad.  Like really.  Like uncomfortably, shockingly, BAAAAD.  And the biggest culprit, diet soda.  I know, I know, some people love their diet soda and don’t need me telling them not to drink it.  Personally I haven’t had a Diet coke in over 10 years (I gave it up in H.S. )  And every once in a while I will drink a diet Sprite or equivalent.  Not anymore guys.  From here on out, I will be very careful to check all ingredients to ensure I no longer consume Aspartame.  Definitely starting by COMPLETELY eliminating diet soda from my life.

And since, I’m really trying to transform to a cleaner eating way of life.  I am now on a quest to tweak some of my everyday favorite foods, mostly the sugar free coffee creamer, with a more natural, homemade version.  I just haven’t figured out the exact concoction yet, but I will definitely share when I do!  I’ll also work on version of Torani syrups for my recipes previously posted and those to come.

quote 1Guys, I hope this post helps!  I hope if you’re dealing with any type of health issue, you also look at what you’re eating, some of these chemicals are shockingly bad for us.  I’ll also update you on the headaches, maybe it’s not aspartame after all, but I do know one thing, it definitely isn’t good for you!

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