Hi!  I’m Amy.  I’m so very happy you’re here!  A bit about myself;

I love food.  Like a lot.  Like I’m obsessed.  Mmmmmm….

There’s a problem with that, my waistline, not so much!

When I was in college, I didn’t have cable.  This is probably no real shock, since I’m assuming a lot of college kids are too broke for cable!  So I had about 4 channels, CBS, ABC and the Food Network.  So at first, for lack of better options, I started watching the Food Network.  I really wonder if the Food Network understands just how many lives they change with their programming, because I sure know they changed mine forever.  I fell in love.  Head over heels with cooking and trying new foods.

The problem though, as my love grew, so did my waistline.  Over the next few years I put on 40 pounds.  I was cooking constantly, it was my stress relief, my relaxation, my spa days, if you will.  I would cook huge amounts of food on Sundays and portion and freeze them for the week ahead.  I also started to love to travel, I constantly wanted to go to new restaurants and inclusive resorts where the food was unlimited and I could try a ton of new creations.  I was experimenting, refining my palate and having a blast!

But a big part of me wasn’t happy, I was overweight and hated it.  So I had to do something, I couldn’t stop cooking or traveling, they’re what I loved most!  So I started developing healthy recipes for the foods I loved most.  And what do you know, I started getting rave reviews and I never lost any of the joy of cooking!  So I’m here to share with you, some of the recipes I’ve created along the way and hopefully you can enjoy them to!

“Amy, tell us about yourself!!”

“Umm, huh?”

And now, because it’s awkward to sit down and right a bunch of paragraphs about who you are and your life story, I thought I should write 15 facts you don’t know about me.  Well, that’s a lie actually.  I only have 13 facts.  You see, I was going to do 10 facts, and then I had more.  So then I was like, ok you twisted my arm, 15 facts.  But then I couldn’t think of enough.  So 13.  13 facts you don’t know about me.  13 is lucky anyways, right?  Right.

  1. I have a dry food phobia, therefore I must dip everything in something.  Explains a lot!  My favorite is pizza dipped in ranch.  Just reading that sentence made me gain 5 pounds.

  2. I don’t really have a sweet tooth.  Cheese is a whole different story.

  3. I have 2 dogs.  They’re incredibly spoiled and we’re obsessed with them!  I post far too many photos of them on Instagram.  It’s inappropriate really.


  1. I love champagne!  That’s probably an understatement.

  2. I lived in Hawaii for 2 years.  That’s where I met this handsome guy and convinced him to move back to California with me.

He’s my souvenir
  1. I hate bland food.  bleh

  2. I have ridiculous health anxiety.  I am constantly googling symptoms and am usually convinced I have cancer.

  3. I’m obsessed with salty and sweet combos.  Salted Caramel Ice Cream or Fruit paired with Cheese.  My sister is rolling her eyes at this one, guaranteed.

  4. I use far too many exclamations points and emoticons.  My best friend Leigh also just pointed out I tend to Overuse Capitalization.  She Doesn’t Get Why I Make Everything Into a Headline.  I’m working on all those things! Sorta

  5. I am obsessed with Someecards.  I quote them often.  Too much actually.


  11.  I have never been to Europe, but am dying to go, mostly to eat cheese and drink wine.

  12.  I love reading blogs and spend far too much time on Pinterest.  My favorites are Pinch of Yum,  The Small Things Blog, Camp Patton.  Mostly because I want to be virtual best friends with Lindsay, Kate and Grace.  Lindsay’s food always looks amazing, I hope my blog can grow up to be like her one day.  Kate is gorgeous, her hair tutorials are amazing, and I’m only marginally jealous that she can do what she does and make it look so easy!  Grace, I think is the funniest person I’ve ever read, and her blog is my favorite place to dig through the archives.

13.  I spend an inappropriate amount of time and money at Target


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