A Bridal Shower at Home

This past weekend I hosted a bridal shower at my home for my dearest childhood friend Michelle.  Michelle is getting married in September and I have the privilege of being her Matron of Honor…

Before we get to the party, can we pleeaassseeee discuss this word “Matron” of Honor?  Gaaaawwwdd!  That sounds horrible!  Am I 112?  Do I exclusively wear my hair in a bun?  Today it happens to be in a bun, but we don’t need to go there mmkk.  Am I supposed to be carrying candy in my purse at this point?  My grandmother used to carry butterscotch.  Hmmm, you know maybe that’s not such a bad idea? Something to think about.

Anyways, let’s talk party shall we? I love throwing a party at my house! I love having everyone over, I love cooking a bunch of food, and I mostly love having an excuse to clean. Because good Lord, you know I need one. Hey, we can’t be great at everything!

Saw through that one, did ya?

For Michelle’s shower, I decided to do a brunch theme. I mean, who doesn’t love brunch?! Read: Mimosas! So of course, when planning the menu, the first thing I thought of was a mimosa bar

2 20140705_103325

Next, I was on to food. Michelle’s mom offered to bring some pastries, cinnamon rolls and such. The cinnamon rolls were from Panera Bread, they were soooo good, but they were also HUGE! So we cut them in half. In a buffet type setting, people often feel bad grabbing a huge item, so they wont take it at all. In smaller pieces, guests are more inclined to take one!


I decided to make these ham and cheese sliders from Janelle at Comfy in the Kitchen that are oh-my-God-just-so-good-you-will-die!

slidersI also am a big believer in small bite size items that guests can just grab while chatting, so I put together this adorable cheese and fruit tray.

cheese CollageNow for drinks, besides the mimosa bar, I also set up a coffee station. How cute are these donut hole stir sticks??



Some more food pics…

Food CollageAs far as decor, I kept it pretty simple, being that it’s summer time, I went with a pastel palette of corals, teals, yellow and green.  I knew I wanted a lot of flowers, which is surprisingly inexpensive and easy to do courtesy of Trader Joe’s!  I always have a ton of vases and mason jars hanging around, I also had a few cute buckets I hadn’t used yet, so those made for perfect decor placed throughout my house.

Decor Collage Besides the flowers I also made a banner, a few tissue paper poms and my favorite thing of the day was the garland I strung and hung from the ceiling!  SOOO cute!!

Now for activities, I’m not really into the whole game thing, I know, I know.  You don’t even need to say it.  So instead of the typical shower games, I planned a few activities to then gift to the bride when she opened her gifts.  These activities included a date night idea on popsicle sticks and a note of advice for the bride that we read aloud.  They were a fun way to strike up a conversation, without being overly traditional!

activites Collage

In a later post, I’ll share with you my simple steps to have a awesome and stress free party at home!  Happy Monday!

20140705_121529How cute are my mom and sis?!

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