3 reasons you should eat dessert everyday if you’re trying to lose weight

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In the Foodie’s Diet ebook, I discuss the importance of a calorie budget and budgeting in a treat every single day.

The heading of this post is dessert, but let’s talk treats.  Because in order to be successful in any diet plan you need to tailor it for your specific likes and needs.  My mom MUST eat chocolate, it’s like breathing, so for her to be successful on any diet, it needs to include chocolate.  I am the same with cheese.  Cheese is non-optional for me.  There will never be a diet program in my life that last longer than, oh 47 minutes, that doesn’t include cheese.

First, define your “treat” and it’s ok if it changes everyday.  Mine usually goes between something sweet, and well, wine.  Now 3 reasons you need to eat a treat every day in order to have any long term success on a diet program.

1.  Reduce cravings.  Cravings come from wanting something you can’t have.  Which is why you never crave broccoli.  Well that and, broccoli doesn’t taste nearly as good as chocolate chip cookies.  But if you know that you can have dessert, or whatever your “treat” is, you wont crave it.  Because you wont miss it.  Now, like we discuss in the Foodie’s Diet book, you budget in a treat everyday, that means you don’t have unlimited treats.  You budget between 100-150 calories of a free indulgent food.  Whatever you like!  Just like with your monthly income budget, you budget in things like shopping trips?  But unlike money, you can’t just put it on a credit card and forget about it until the end of the month.  Extra calories go on your thighs.  And that’s never a good thing.

2.  You’re less likely to over indulge.  If you go without something you want, then go without something you’re really craving, then you crave it more, then some more.  Finally you’re going to give in, and instead of having a single 100 calorie scoop of ice cream, you’re going to have a 1000 calorie brownie hot fudge sundae.  On the other hand, if you allow yourself a small indulgence everyday, you will never feel deprived, therefore you’re less likely to over indulge.

3.  Finish your day.  This especially applies to dessert after dinner and if you tend to snack or graze in the evenings.  If you’re a night snacker, dessert signals to your brain and end of day of eating. Your mentality should be, I’ve had my dinner, now I’ve had my dessert, and I’m done for the evening.

So go on, have a magical Monday, preferably topped off with some chocolate!  But first answer me this, what would be your one daily indulgence?

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