12 days of Foodie Christmas

Hello and happy (almost) December!!  I have a quick announcement for you guys, but first, let me walk you through a scenario!

Scenario #1:  You’re at home, it’s the night before Christmas eve and you hear a knock on the door.  You peak out and it’s your neighbor Janet.  With a box.  A gift wrapped box.  Crap!  Why is a gift wrapped box bad?  Well, because you didn’t realize you were on gift giving terms with neighbor Janet, and you have nothing for her!

Or don’t you?  

Scenario #2:  It’s the Friday before Christmas and your office is closed the whole next week.  Lucky!  Then you hear a quick knock on your office door and look up to see coworker Mary with a gift bag.  And your mind races, a gift?  She got me a gift?  Shoot, I have nothing for her!

Or do you?

These gift giving situation come up all. the. time.  People show up with a gift, when you didn’t realize you were exchanging gifts!  Or you have people in your life you’d love to give a small gift to, but know they may not reciprocate, so obviously you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable.  Or maybe you have people who help you out all year, and at Christmas you’d like to show them how much you appreciate them.  We all have these people in our lives 



Casual acquaintances

You’re building’s super

Your hair stylist or manicurist

Mail carrier

Social Circles, like book club or PTA

Kid’s teachers

Anyone else who awkwardly surprises you with a gift!

12 days of foodie's xmas 3

Starting tomorrow for the next 12 days, I’ll give you recipes of unique Foodie gifts, that are perfect for any gift giving situation!  Keep a few gift wrapped on hand so you’re never faced with an awkward gift giving situation!  Or make a whole batch to show all the people in your life, how much you appreciate them!

Here’s a list of what’s to come! 

Day 1: Infused Vodka

Day 2: Vanilla Extract

Day 3: “Dreaming of Summer” Pineapple Rum

Day 4: Fruit Syrups with Christmas Morning Mimosa Kit

Day 5: Seasoned Salts

Day 6: Flavored Butter

Day 7: Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream

Day 8: Flavored Sugars and Homemade Sprinkles

Day 9: Mulled Wine Kit

Day 10: Coffee Creamer

Day 11: Christmas Eve Cookies for Santa Decorating Bar

Day 12: Christmas Morning Coffee Bar

Check back each day for the recipe, packaging ideas and printable recipe cards or labels!

See you tomorrow!

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